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What are “Good Sam Chapters"  ?   Good Sam Chapters in the State Organization are  “Local Groups” of  Recreational Vehicle (RV) enthusiasts that have joined together for the mutual enjoyment & benefits of “group camping” in a wholesome  “family” type atmosphere that promotes excellent camaraderie & fellowship.  They are also affiliated with the International Organization, “The Good Sam Club”, for Recreational Vehicle (RV) enthusiasts that were organized for the mutual assistance of fellow RV’ers. The Mississippi Good Sam Chapters consists of 3 Areas comprising a total of  38  Local Chapters


What is the Organizational Structure of the Mississippi Good Sam Chapter ?               The State Chapter is a Committee, made up of Chapter presidents or their representatives,  that nominate/elect the Officers for the State Offices of State Director, (for a two-year term) and State Treasurer for a one-year term.  These Officers are then appointed by the International Good Sam Club from the nomination/election recommendation made by Chapters through the State Treasurer.  The Annual  State Committee meets once a year, (usually in January), at a central location in the state for the purpose of conducting Annual State Business and/or election of officers.  (Usually called “Officers Meeting”).  The State Director conducts the business of the State Organization and organizes new chapters within the State (with the aid of his appointed Assistant Directors) and is guided by the “By-Laws” previously adopted by the Committee.  The State Organization holds two Samborees each year. One is held in the Spring and one in the Fall. The business of the State Organization is also conducted at these Samborees at previously announced date and time. 


Who can be a member of the Mississippi Good Sam Chapters? Membership in a Local Good Sam Chapter in Mississippi automatically makes an individual a member of the Mississippi Good Club. In order to join a local Good Sam Chapter, you must be a member of the (International) Good Sam Club.

 Information about the Good Sam Club can be obtained by visiting:

      (International) at  ( or

      E-mail: State Director.


Why should you belong to a local Chapter? You should belong to a local Chapter for the fun, fellowship, games, travel, eating, craft, etc. A Chapter is made up of a varying number of rigs that have a mutual interest. The individual Chapter decides on the number in the Chapter and supports each other by having monthly campouts, or during winter months, having dinner meetings. They camp together and support each other when there are problems. Each Local Chapter has its distinct vest, in their Chapter colors,

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